Make a day of it. Come for the Market and Food and stay for “The Bernadettes”. This Saturday promised to be even bigger than last Friday’s event.

The Market starts from 4-dusk with the “Terri and Rob Duo” providing music among the tents. Food Trucks will be lining Mills St. in a vehicle free zone. You name it – we got it!

The Bernadettes specialize in performing R&B/Soul & Dance music. They mix it up with a few modern contemporary dance hits here and there, a classic rock number, or an oldies favorite, but even though their musical nature is eclectic, the emphasis is on the classic “old school” R&B.


Whether performing high-energy, classic, dance grooves from Earth, Wind & Fire, the Temptations, Heatwave, The Spinners, Aretha Franklin, The Ohio Players, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson and their contemporaries, or a smooth ballad by Marvin Gaye, The Stylistics, Etta James, Alicia Keys and the like, The Bernadettes can cover them all and represent these beloved, timeless classics with memorable performances that bring back sweet memories from days gone by for you to relive again. And just like that, they can switch gears and jam on a Top 40 summer hit!

It doesn’t matter if the show is for private parties, clubs/restaurants, outdoor town concerts or beautiful weddings and receptions, the Bernadettes always deliver! Their repertoire consists of crowd-pleasing classic musical styles such as Motown hits, contemporary funk, soul, and R&B flavored rock songs as well as varied genres reaching Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Steely Dan all the way to Bruno Mars, DNCE and beyond.

#9, Beatles Tribute Band, starts the 2018 season on Friday June 15th from 7-9 at the New Meriden Green Amphitheater

Number 9 Bio
We like to think that our mission is to pick up where the Beatles left off on August 29, 1966. This is when they played their last live concert in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park.

A big reason we came together was that we simply love the music of the Beatles and we also really enjoy playing it. So much so, as a matter of fact, that we’re finding it very hard to stop learning and mastering their songs. There’s a seemingly endless well of great songs to choose from and we’re finding that the more we learn, the more inspired we become to learn more. We’re now well beyond 100 songs in our performing repertoire and to our amazement there are still dozens more gems that we’re working on. The Beatles catalog of material is truly mind boggling.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that we often like to explore sounds and arrangements beyond the recorded versions when the mood for improvisation hits us. We like to keep things fresh and exciting, not only for us but our audiences as well
George Schultz – vocals
Bill Baronas – vocals, keys, rhythm guitar
Geo. J. Filippides – lead guitar, vocals
Don Woods – bass, vocals
Bob Glick – rhythm guitar, vocals
Chris Griffin – horns, percussion, sound effects, vocals
Todd Purcaro – drums, vocals
* Note, performances often include special guest appearances from a wide variety of talented and gifted musicians!

TRAIN WRECK SOCIETY 7/28/17 7pm-9pm On the Meriden Green

Twilight Music Series is proud to present TRAIN WRECK SOCIETY 7/28/17 7pm-9pm On the Meriden Green 77 State Street, Meriden CT.
Train Wreck Society
This band of troubadours has seen the ups and downs of life as a tale to tell. Like many, their music expresses the travels and experiences of friends just trying to get by. Since the mid 90’s many musicians have left their mark on the sound of this collaboration. And as times change, friends come and go, but the music lives on. This blend of Southern Rock and Blues has endured the test of time, and proves again and again, that music can draw us all together. To see the complete Twilight Music Series schedule go to http://www.restorewiththearts.org/

Tonights event

We regret to inform you Tonight’s TWILIGHT SUMMER MUSIC SERIES “9 The Beatles Tribute Band” is cancelled and rescheduled for Saturday July 29th 7-9pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.



JUNE 16 #9 (Beatles Tribute Band)
JUNE 23 WHISKEY, WINE & COKE (Covers and Modern Country)
JUNE 30 MIDDLETOWN SYMPHONY BAND (Classical To Modern Favorites)

JULY 7 CROSSROADS (Southern Rock)
JULY 14 INNER GROOVE (Classic Rock)
JULY 21 JOHNNY I BAND (Classic Rock/Blues
JULY 28 TRAIN WRECK SOCIETY (Classic Rock & Blues)

AUG 4 ROXY PERRY (NYC Blues Queen)
AUG 11 DAN STEVENS & CLAYTON ALLEN (Traditional Folk/Blues)
AUG 18 MARISSA & KIDS (Traditional Latin Favorites)
AUG 25 BRIDGEPORT JOHNNY (Blend of Rock, Blues & Funk)