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We here at Restore with the Arts, Inc. welcome you to our new, improved website. We’ve had it designed to better reflect the opinions of our followers.

In the months to come, we plan to introduce content we feel you will enjoy such as, live (video) interviews with musicians, music articles submitted by our staff and readers and “best photo” contests, to name just a few.

We hope you will enjoy the site and praise us for the things we do right and give us constructive criticism when you feel something can be improved. When we can make changes or additions that will make it a better experience for you, we become better, more relevant. We look forward to your input.

Thank you,

Steve Robichaud

Dave Grodzicki

Carrie Teele

The origin of Restore with the Arts, Inc. dates back to 2005 when I started having musicians play on the patio at the Sandman Gallery on East Main Street in Meriden. A few years later the gallery was moved into the downtown area and continued booking small bands to perform for the daytime lunch crowd. The summer events were changed to an evening venue to take advantage of those individuals who worked during the day. It was around this time that we realized the positive impact these events had on the community. A collaboration with the city provided us with a mobile stage to accommodate larger bands, better lighting and a relationship with the town that continues to the present.

A pivotal moment in our growth was the addition of Dave Grodzicki and, shortly after, Meriden events planner Carrie Teele. We shared a similar interest and love for the city that we grew up in. This evolved into what it is today, Restore with the Arts Inc.

When the city created a 14-acre water retention plan to alleviate our downtown flooding problems, forward-thinking planners incorporated a park setting with walking paths, a bridge and open waterways and, to our great delight, an amphitheater on what is now called the Meriden Green.

The following summer, along with a collaboration with city, we moved our Twilight Concert Series to the new venue and started booking larger bands appropriate for the size of the amphitheater. Support from local businesses, civic groups and individuals have been a key reason for our continued success and ability to offer our town access to free musical entertainment. Our concerts attendance now ranges from hundreds to thousands of attendees per performance.

In 2017 we registered with the state as an Organization and in 2018 became a 501c3 non-profit.

Our goal is to continue to grow and expand our offerings primarily to our community while making it appealing to the central Connecticut population. We strive to make Meriden the preferred location for music in our state.

Thank you,
Steve Robichaud, President
Restore with the Arts, Inc.

About Steve Robichaud, President

Steve RobichaudSteve Robichaud is president of Restore with the Arts, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit. He is a graduate of the Career Academy of Broadcasting in D.C. and worked at WTWN in Vermont and then WBMI in Meriden. He enlisted in the Air Force, married (Barbara), had two children (Matthew and Danielle) and retired from a marketing career at SNET in 1995.

He started his second career as owner of The Sandman Gallery Frame Shoppe and Café in Meriden until his retirement in 2017.

His career in the entertainment sector began by hosting musical performances on the patio in front of the gallery in 2005. In 2011 he partnered with the City of Meriden and the Parks Department to use their portable stage. In 2012 he partnered with Dave Grodzicki and Carrie Teele to expand its musical outreach to the Meriden community. In 2016 Restore with the Arts was incorporated and in 2018 became a 501c3 non-profit.

He now resides in New Bern, NC and continues to be actively involved with the non-profit.