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About Our Organization

In 1961, when I was still in grammar school, President John F Kennedy at his inauguration spoke to the world and uttered the phrase that resonates as profoundly today as it did then:

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

I don’t think even Kennedy fully understood the moral impact and direction that this simple phrase would take. It became an anthem for us to live by, a mirror to reflect our moral compass, our compassion for others.

Grant givers, foundations and non-profits were spawned because they believed that phrase and put those words into action.

At Restore with the Arts Inc., we’ve distilled the sentiment to its basics and changed just one word: we changed “country” to “community.”

As a not-for-profit we believe that by bringing people together through music, we can encourage understanding and inclusivity. By creating an avenue that fosters a better quality of life we effect not only individuals but the community as a whole.

We embody this philosophy by honoring our organization’s mission statement:

“To bring community and culture together through music to help with the revitalization of Meriden’s downtown.”

Your continued help and support has made our mission your reality!