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Who We Work With

Over the years our musical journey has put us in touch with many amazing people. All of them have enriched our experience and steeled our resolve to present the very best in entertainment to our community and give Meriden an event that they can proudly showcase as just one more incentive to look towards our city as a culturally rich and inviting entertainment destination in central Connecticut.

As you can probably guess, the logistics involved in presenting the eleven-week Twilight Concert Series is daunting at best. It is a collaborative effort between a variety of city and local departments and civic organizations, musicians and sound engineers, grant writing and sponsors, graphic artists and print houses, and of course, City Hall and the city manager, the mayor and the fire and police departments, along with dedicated volunteers and administrators on the RWTA team.

This all starts before the end of the year and continues well after the last note has been struck. Many of the individuals we interact with we know as friends first and collaborators second. They are part of a larger family whose input is the oxygen that fuels the fire within us to continue to grow and get better each season. Your enthusiastic response to the concert series validates our involvement in our community.

Our pledge to Meriden is that we will continue to grow and support our town by providing the best in musical entertainment free to the public.